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Press Release

August 30th, 2007 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Boston, MA – (August 30, 2007) – Aretha Franklin belted high notes for it, Rodney Dangerfield claims he doesn’t get much of it, and every being in the world wants it. It’s a little something called “respect”, and the only thing harder than earning it is, well, sustaining it — in every aspect of life. Now, in a new book coming out this month, business management consultant Niyi Taiwo, tapping into his continuous improvement professional expertise, touches on this important, yet often overlooked subject in a highly practical, highly empowering book.

In Respect: Gaining It and Sustaining It (Xlibris Publishing), a non-fiction work slated to hit bookstores this month, Taiwo brings forward a deliciously engaging and enlightening book that presents a comprehensive and bottom-up view on the highly overlooked topic of “Respect”. The author, a successful veteran in the business world, thoughtfully maps the basic components of this subject and re-assembles them in a very logical, practical, and axiomatic manner that sheds insight into human behavior and thought process. In this stellar work, “Respect” is presented in a whole new light and perspective, and a strong case is made about the role “respect” plays in driving and mitigating success in life—personal and professional. Read full press release…













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