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: Gaining It and Sustaining It

“I was totally impressed. One of my favorite parts of the book was the section on being ‘A Performance Employee.’ “ – Dr. Doris S., Montgomery, Alabama (PhD,Psychology)

“Respect is a topic that every leader needs to understand and practice. The message in your book strongly captures the essence of respect as it relates to leadership development for the benefit of our group. Everyone should read it.” – L. Chawla – President, New England Chapter of Women In Cable Telecommunications; President, Performance Edge, Farmington, CT

“Never have I read a ‘self-help’ book, which has explained the importance of critical thinking and how to become a critical thinker. Good stuff!! There are many valuable gems in this book that parents, professionals and young adults can easily grasp.” – Ron, Hartford, CT (Business Executive & Parent)

“The book RESPECT is a fresh outlook on an age-old concept...It offers exciting new ideas for the betterment of an individual as well as the dynamic of a family as a whole. You draw from your own life experiences, making RESPECT a great read… RESPECT should be required reading for anyone who wants to be successful.” – Allison, Shrewsbury, MA (Mother of two, former working professional)

“We felt that the information you gave tied in very nicely with the values that we are trying to impart to our mentees.” – Adrienne, Mentor, National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Rhode Island, All-Girls Mentor Program

“Great Book!!!” – Steve, Pittsburgh, PA (Parent & Business Owner)

“This informative book draws a very visual picture of how one gains positive/negative respect. It is a must read for all… This book is easy to understand, and applying these simple basic components of respect in your life can have a dramatic impact on your lifestyle.” – Sharon, New Braunfels, TX (Working Parent, Mother of two)

"I wish I had read your book or you had published it before I started my career." - Debola, Lagos, Nigeria (Telecomm Industry Professional)

“Your book is completely AWESOME….I think that our leadership team could use some of the principles afforded in your book so I am proposing that at our next Leadership Conference that your book be used as foundational teaching.” – Annette, San Antonio, TX













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